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Who We Are


Thomas Post began his career in video production at an early age, freelancing in live sports and news production in a top 5 media market during his college years. He eventually went on to work for the likes of the Dallas Cowboys and the Fox Sports NFL and MLB production crews. In those environments he developed his broadcast engineering knowledge and crafted a visual eye. Seeking a new challenge he decided to take his experience in the field and translate that into producing and production management. By the age of 23, Thomas was the Managing Producer of 2 weekly broadcast shows in the Austin and San Antonio markets, working tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of production was maintained while overseeing teams in two cities. 


After his experience across many different sectors of the industry, Thomas knew his well rounded view could bring a unique combination of know-how, intuitiveness and 

perfectionism to any production. So in 2009 Thomas founded what would become Post Media Group and since then his vision of a

client-focused, forward thinking production group has grown at a staggering pace. What started out with simple editing jobs and small call sheets has now grown into a company that handles Event Production, Marketing Content and Media Distribution at the highest level.


Post Media Group believes that the secret sauce to the success of their business lies within the relationships and talent that their diverse team brings. That is why over the years the Post Media family has grown considerably. Every member of the team embodies the innovative and hardworking spirit that Thomas envisioned when he started the company. With this all-star group there isn't a production challenge they can't conquer. 

Meet The Team

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